An Introduction

If you’d asked me this time last year, as I excitedly posted my pregnancy announcement on social media, I would never have guessed I’d be writing a blog. Who has time for a blog while looking after a baby!? Back then, I thought once you had your successful 12-week scan, your baby was guaranteed to come home with you. Granted, for most people, that is the case, however for some parents, it doesn’t quite go to plan and in that moment, lives are changed forever. So here I am, writing a blog about life without our daughter.

I’ve always loved writing and I follow a number of home interior and mummy blogs. I guess I’d always secretly hoped it’s something I would do – of course, not in these circumstances. In the early days after Cora’s death, during the sleepless nights, writing was the only thing that would help calm my thoughts. I’d spend hours searching for other blogs, looking for some reassurance that we weren’t the only ones in the world going through this pain and that hope and laughter could be found in the darkest of places. Sadly, I’ve learnt the baby loss community is huge. An incredible community of the strongest women and men you can imagine.

I hope this blog will not only be a form of therapy for me and reassurance for others that they’re not alone, but also a way to raise awareness for those who have no experience of the world of baby loss. Our society finds it an uncomfortable subject and as a result, many people don’t know what to do or say (understandably).

I hope by being open about my journey as I navigate the motherhood no mother wants; it will help others understand more about baby loss and provide hope for the future to those experiencing a similar loss. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be writing about what it’s like to live with grief when we finally get to bring home a baby.

Thanks for following and supporting me on this journey.

Han x

4 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. I remember like yesterday the day you told us, what an exciting moment for me. I do remember the happy moments too xxx


  2. I think it’s a brave thing you’re doing putting your story and pain out there for others not to feel so alone. I hope the act of writing about it and connecting with other will bring you much peace.

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