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Pregnancy after Loss

I thought if we were lucky enough to get pregnant again after Cora died, I’d use my blog to talk openly about pregnancy after loss. I wanted to continue to raise awareness and share all the highs and lows (let’s be honest here; mainly lows at the moment) of life after Cora died and theContinue reading “Pregnancy after Loss”

9 Months In; 9 Months Out

I’m sure we’ve all seen the comparison pictures on social media, or perhaps you’ve even done one yourself; ‘9 months in; 9 months out’, marking the special time spent with baby growing inside and the same amount of time with baby growing on the outside. I remember seeing many of these milestone pictures while pregnantContinue reading “9 Months In; 9 Months Out”

To Move, or Not to Move.

Spoiler alert!! For anyone who doesn’t want to read the whole post … Joe and I are relocating! We’ve been living in Sheffield (minus our time away travelling) for eleven years but it finally feels time for a new adventure. “Where are we moving to?” I hear you ask… Chester! Well actually, we’re moving backContinue reading “To Move, or Not to Move.”

What Happens Now?

If you have no experience of baby loss then it’s probably hard to imagine what happens after a baby dies. Let’s be honest, it’s something most of us probably try hard not to think about and I don’t blame you – the thought is just too painful and I wouldn’t wish the reality on anyone.Continue reading “What Happens Now?”

New Year, New Me?

We’ve all become accustomed to the familiar pressure of New Year’s resolutions and the societal view that; a new year requires a new, improved you. These resolutions usually involve exercise and diets, budgeting, starting new hobbies and creating a strict Mrs Hinch cleaning list – not a dig, Mrs H, I’m a big fan! TheContinue reading “New Year, New Me?”

One Day with Cora

When you’ve spent over 9 months excitedly preparing for the arrival of your healthy baby and the beginning of your new life as a family, nothing prepares you for those words only moments after they’re born: “I’m so sorry but your daughter is going to die.” With no understanding of what had happened to ourContinue reading “One Day with Cora”

An Introduction

If you’d asked me this time last year, as I excitedly posted my pregnancy announcement on social media, I would never have guessed I’d be writing a blog. Who has time for a blog while looking after a baby!? Back then, I thought once you had your successful 12-week scan, your baby was guaranteed toContinue reading “An Introduction”